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For links specifically concerning the INFJ personality, be sure to look at the INFJ Links page. Let us know if you have any temperament/type URLs that you'd like us to add here on this page.

MBTI™ Theories

MBTI™ and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ are registered trademark names.

Type/Temperament profiles

Joe Butt and co.'s new site with their famous MBTI™ profiles and a plethora of type-related links

Summary of types
Short descriptions of each of the 16 types/temperaments.


You can find links to online and software-based personality type tests here.

Type and Temperament sites
Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger's type/temperament website.

The Myers & Briggs Foundation website, an in-depth source of information about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® inventory. The Myers & Briggs Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to education, applications, and research relating to the MBTI™ instrument.

Myers-Briggs™ Personality Type on the Web
Mary Hoerr's newsletter-style site of type-related links and reviews which is updated every week.

Team Technology's site
Site which is completely devoted to the dynamic interplay of the eight orientations (Ne/i, Fe/i etc.)

"Healthtype gives you tips on how to use your type personality type to build a lifestyle that will serve you now and throughout your life. The habits you build will help you stay physically and mentally fit and become more energized."

CPP, Inc.
CPP, Inc. is the publisher of the MBTI™ assessment and of many type-related materials.

APT and CAPT are two organizations which were started by Isabel Briggs Myers.

"We provide individuals and organizations interested in using personality theories responsibly, accurately, and ethically, publicly offered and customized in-house workshops, consulting services, and supporting books and materials."

Enneagram Monthly

Non-MBTI™ Theories

David Keirsey

David Keirsey's temperament theory is well-known. His website has lots of type/temperament-related information, as well as several of his custom personality type tests that can be taken online.


Socionics is a different type/temperament system than the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™, and although it uses similar or the same terms to describe different types/temperaments, please note that the terms may have significantly different (or even opposite) meanings than their counterparts in MBTI™ terminology.

Disclaimer: Organizations and materials linked are referenced on this page for the interest of the user, not because they are endorsed by the administrative team of the INFJ-List.

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and we push it with our feet when it stops."

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