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About Dolphin Cove

Why Dolphin Cove?

The four basic personality typesThe purpose for the creation of this site is simple. Dolphin Cove aims to be not only a support site for the INFJ-List, but also to serve as a useful and centralised resource for material concerning the INFJ personality and MBTI™, type, and temperament. The INFJ-List was one of the first, if not the first, type-related, subscription e-mail lists.

INFJ-List is one of several INFJ lists currently on the Internet. It is a private, members-only list and is not affiliated with Yahoo® or any other organization.

This site, thouted to INFJs everywhere, especially the INFJ "newcomers," many of whom are every day embarking on exciting journeys of discovery and realisation. Remember, Inner Nuances Foster Journeys.

On behalf of the members of the INFJ-List, we'd like to extend a warm welcome to you, and we hope you enjoy exploring the exciting world of Type theory and INFJness!   Have fun!

"One man awake
Can awaken another:
The second can awaken his next-door brother:
The three awake can rouse the town,
By turning the whole place upside down.
And the many awake, make such a fuss,
They finally awaken the rest of us.
One man up with the dawn in his
eyes - multiplies."

Helen Kromer

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