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Discovering your personality type

There are several ways you can go about in order to find out which MBTI™ type you are:

¤ Have the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™ (paper-version) test administered to you by a person qualified to interpret the test results.

This is the most reliable option of all, though of course the MBTI™ test, like all psychological tests, is not perfect. Having a qualified MBTI™ instructor on hand to interpret the results is valuable though, since it isn't uncommon for people to be mis-typed, so to speak.

The Association for Psychological Type (APT) offers referrals to trained professionals who are qualified to administer the MBTI™ assessment. APT is online at:

If you are a university student, it is quite probable that your university career services office (or correlate) has the MBTI™ available, often at reduced cost.

¤ Take Terence Duniho's DDLI quiz

Duniho has created a software quiz program that presents a series of personality-related questions; for each question you are asked to rate the "strength" of your response. DDLI's reliability hasn't been studied, although most people would agree that it does a pretty good job.

You will have to download and install DDLI to take the test.

¤ Take the Thomson-Maidenbaum Personality Inventory, also known as "The Lenore Thomson Personality Test". It appears in her book, "Personality Type: An Owner’s Manual".

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but the dear man holds honour
far more precious dear than life."

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